Marlee, myt black Lab mix, will be 18 years old in another month. For quite some time she has had a bone spur and arthritis which caused quite a problem with her right rear leg. The result was it caused her to fall down quite often when standing a short time, walking, and expecially turning the corner to another room, so I was frequently lifting up her rear end.

Then Dr. Tract and I agreed to start laser treatments once a week. Marlee has continued to have treatments every other week and now can stand a long time, walks around (even corners), and eats her meals without laying on the floor, but “plops down” when she is going to lie down on her bed.

This has given Marlee extra time to be loved, and with meds, without pain, until it is time for her to leave.

Cindy Liddell
April 27, 2018