All Tails Wagging is proud to offer Revolution for both cats and dogs. Revolution is a very safe, FDA approved, once a month topical preventative and treatment of multiple internal and external parasites. Unlike other topical products that leave behind messy oil spots, Revolution is an alcohol based product that is rapidly absorbed and dries quickly. Because Revolution is a prescription medication it requires an up to date yearly physical exam by your veterinarian. Both dogs and cats should be on heartworm, flea and tick prevention year round. Revolution is a great option for finicky pets that may refuse to eat heartworm prevention as a treat. In addition, it is a great way to save money because it controls multiple parasites, thus eliminating the need to buy multiple mmmm jjjj mmmm products.

Revolution is safe to use in dogs starting at 6 weeks of age and cats at 8 weeks of age. In order for Revolution to achieve tick control, it will need a few months to build up in your pet’s system. Pfizer (the company that produces Revolution,) recommends applying an additional dose two weeks after initial treatment, followed by regular monthly use. Complete tick control should be seen after 2 months of use. Revolution will supply a free Preventic collar (for use in dogs only) to aid in tick control while resistance is building. Preventic collars last up to 6 months. Unfortunately, there is nothing additional that can be used for cats while resistance is building. Your cat may not fully be protected from ticks during this time. If ticks are not an issue for your pet, Revolution should be used monthly as directed.

Revolution makes it easy to control multiple parasites with just one monthly topical application and Revolution guarantees their product. Contact us to find out about the current promotion that Revolution is offering.