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Marlee, my black Lab mix, will be 18 years old in another month. For quite some time she has had a bone spur and arthritis which caused quite a problem with her right rear leg. The result was it caused her to fall down quite often when standing a short time, walking, and especially turning the corner to another room, so I was frequently lifting up her rear end.

The Dr. Tract and I agreed to start laser treatments onc a week. Marlee has continued to have treatments every other week and now can stand a long time, walks around (even corners), and eats her meals without laying on the floor, but “plops down” when she is going to lie down on he bed.

This has given Marlee extra time to be loved, and with meds, without pain, until it is time for her to leave.

Cindy L.

Dr. Kidwell has been my doctor for many years. I followed her her to All Tails Wagging a few years ago and I’ve been more than impressed with this clinic. The staff is so passionate about what they do and they clearly care about the pets. It’s refreshing to have such a knowledgeable and well skilled staff who are able to answer questions for me. I wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else.

Ann M.

I took my pug to Dr. Kidwell with an eye issue. She was very patient and gentle with her during the exam. I am so happy with her as my little girls doctor and wouldn’t take her anywhere else.


I’ve gone to All Tails Wagging for many years but I’m certainly the happiest now that I’ve ever been with a vet. Dr. Kidwell is so kind; my little dog has always been so afraid around new people and he loved her right from the start! His tail never stopped wagging, even after he got his shots. Not to mention that he loves all the girls there because they give him treats! If you have a little dog, you should be going to this clinic! Thank you!


The staff at All Tails Wagging have given my Maine Coons wonderful lion cuts. Rosie has long, silky hair, but after 12 years I no longer could manage to clip the mats; she looked like a ragamuffin. She was also licking her fur constantly and was vomiting huge hairballs daily. She now has a stunning lion cut, with a full maine, huge fluffy tail and boots. And, best of all, no more hairballs! I have taken my cats to All Tails Wagging for 12 years. We have been through high drama and trauma together over that time and the staff and Dr. Tracht have always been there for me and my little ones, lovingly giving care and advice.

Joyce W.

We moved to Santa Rosa about 7 years ago and I was fortunate enough to come across this clinic. I consider Dr. Tracht and the staff extended members of my family. You don’t often come across people who are so caring and compassionate. They have treated my dogs with such love and they always receive the best care.  My pug Buddy, who is my baby, has a seizure out of the blue a few years ago. I was so scared! Luckily Dr. Tracht found the right combination of drugs to help Buddy live a very comfortable and happy life. My sweet dog Lilly passed away a few years ago and our family was so upset; but Dr. Tracht and her staff were there to hold our hands and make sure Lilly ended her life with dignity and love. Our latest addition to our family, Sochie, our pet rat has also received excellent care and made my daughter extremely happy! So if you’re looking for a veterinary clinic that is both highly skilled and compassionate, look no further!

Sara C.

To Whom it May Concern:

I have no idea where to start. Dr. Caputo has been our veterinarian for the most part of 20 years. We followed her to All Tails Wagging. When it was time to update Cody and Bella on their shots and have a look at a lump that Bella had on her chest, it was very scary. We had just lost Daisey who was the third member to our dog pack a year prior. Dr. Caputo thought it was a hair follicle issue and had it biopsied anyway just to make sure. When the lab results came back, we were in shock that it was cancer. As scared and nervous as David and I were, we went ahead with the surgery that was recommended. After Bella’s surgery ( shortly after) Cody had gotten a Raccoon and he was 3 days over his Rabies shot. We were able to get in immediately and take care of the issue and felt at ease doing all of the requirements needed by Animal Control. As the healing process for Bella’s cancer removal was going on, she developed severe pain in her hind legs and could barely walk. The team at All Tails Wagging got us in immediately and we were able to get her comfortable and control the pain. It was just as we were about to face another difficult decision with Bella that All Tails Wagging made it possible for her to continue to have a happy and pain free life. I cannot express enough how grateful both David and I are to have such a wonderful, caring and compassionate veterinarian office to rely on for our every need and the needs of our pets.

Tabatha O.

“For seven years Dr. Tracht and her marvelous staff at All Tails Wagging took care of my lab mix and honestly, I didn’t realize how lucky we were to get such excellent care. I have since been to three clinics after moving out of the Santa Rosa area, and the difference is night and day! Dr. Tracht is so much more thorough in the annual exam than any other veterinarian I’ve seen. She alerts me to things that other vets don’t even mention. The clinic staff is totally on top of due dates for annual exams, vaccines and even preventative measures such as Heartgard and flea control.

I used to take for granted all the things All Tails Wagging did well. Now I realize that not all veterinarians stay after hours to call clients with test results and detailed explanations. Other vets I’ve seen don’t send reminder cards when exams and vaccines are due.

I think almost all veterinary clinics have a friendly staff (as All Tails Wagging does), but what really matters to me is that my pet is being screened and watched for all potential health risks-something at which All Tails Wagging does a superb job.”

Laurel P. 

“I have been coming to All Tails Wagging since June of 2010. Over the years, I have been to many different veterinary hospitals and I am very happy that my friend recommended seeing Dr. Tracht. As a pug owner, I am familiar with the numerous problems they have. Dr. Tracht took the time to go over all of her previous records and the technician spent a great deal of time getting to know her background and what medications she is on. I have never felt rushed here, as I have felt at other places I have been to. I feel like the staff here genuinely cares about the health of my little one.”

Paul L.

“My Bullmastiff puppy was attacked by another dog late in the afternoon. I just saw a whole bunch of blood from her mouth and thought the worst. I rushed her to All Tails Wagging Vet clinic. I was not sure if they would even be there due to the fact it was 6 o’clock and closing. I managed to get there just before the doctor and technicians left. Dr. Tracht was willing to patch up my puppy and was very compassionate. The technician (Kim) was very supportive and stayed after hours to help mend my puppy. A few hours later… I was able to take my puppy home. They called to check in on my puppy the following day to make sure everything was going well. I do not know too many vet hospitals that are willing to take a dog in right after they close and stay a few hours beyond their closing time. All Tails Wagging truly is a compassionate veterinary clinic and has an awesome staff that goes above and beyond what is required in this field of medicine.”

Shannon L.

“My experience with All Tails Wagging has been great in every aspect! I have brought my pets here for regular check-ups, vaccines, nail trims, etc. I have never had the experience of an emergency situation until recently. I have an eight month old Savannah kitty and I’ve been holding off getting her “fixed” because of how small she is- a whopping four pounds. I went to clean her litter box in the morning like I usually do. I noticed a little puddle of this pinkish white liquid. I knew this wasn’t normal. I, of course, freaked out, called All Tails Wagging and described what was going on. They fit me in their schedule immediately! The doctor did a couple tests and found she had a Pyometra (an infected uterus from me not “fixing” her!).  The doctor did the surgery and called me after to give me an update. I was thankful that I was able to take her home the same day. When I picked her up, a kind technician went over her discharge instructions and medications and sent me home with everything I needed. The next day they called me to make sure she was recovering ok from the anesthetic. The whole staff was there to answer any and all questions I had about her surgery and recovery. All Tails Wagging is a great clinic and I appreciate everything they have done for me and my pets.”

Brittany S.

“Both docs and all the staff here, are amazing!!!  They truly care about animals and it shows with how they take in your creature.  They have been so considerate and thoughtful to us through the years.  I love supporting women in business but would recommend this Vet Clinic to anyone!!!”

Melanie R.

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